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My Energy is Precious

This past Saturday evening, I was in the midst of getting dressed and as I walked into my room, I saw my sister hard at work, solving her first Rubik's cube. This immediately brought me back to the times where I went through trials, tribulations, bumps, cracks and obstacles to solve this colorful piece of mystery. Her focus was solely on completing the white color side and as she finished, she showed me in "accomplishment". I wanted to celebrate and be happy with her, but I just couldn't. I couldn't because I knew that she had yet understood what all it took to solve this cubical art. She thought that she could solve the cube one side at a time. She didn't understand that all sides had to work together to become one beautiful, solved masterpiece - and that's when it hit me.

We are like a Rubik's cube. Let me explain.

Our being does not operate one part at a time (mind, body and spirit). Everything that we consist of is connected. What we do to modify one part of us, changes another - everything is connected. So why is it that when we have it set in our minds that we are going to make a significant change, we fail to change our environment, our habits and our circle. Then we say, "Maybe this change isn't meant for me. I'm not seeing results that last, but I've changed this and done that for x amount of time." Do you see anything wrong with that sentence? If not, reread the quote and let it marinate for a minute.

When we want to make a life-altering change, we have to look at everything that affected our reasoning of wanting to change in the first place. That includes the people we surround ourselves with for validation (which won't matter a year from now), the habits we are accustomed to that brings us temporary pleasure, the mindset we have that led us to where we are today and the time we abuse, daily. Your energy is precious.

Remember the Law of Conservation of Energy? "Energy cannot be created nor destroyed." What you spend your energy on is the same type of energy you will see reflected in you. Energy is very real! Take some time to evaluate where most of your energy is going towards, then take a deeper look inside of yourself and get a good understanding of who you are. Did you make a correlation? Are you happy with the outcome? If not, reconsider how you use your energy and make that holistic change mentally, physically and spiritually. If you are at lost as to how or where to start, send me a message. Let's find your balance.

- Allanté Collier

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